Budding Tips

Winter Pruning

by Melinda Myers

Tame overgrown shrubs, improve their beauty or manage pest problems with winter pruning. Get a jumpstart on creating next season's beautiful landscape with winter pruning.

The dormant season is a great time to prune trees and shrubs. The bare branches reveal the plant's structure making it easier to make the right cuts for the desired results. In Spring plants will direct stored energy to the remaining buds and pruning wounds will close quickly as plants begin to grow.

Always prune with a purpose. Wait at least a year to do major pruning on newly planted trees and shrubs. Then start pruning to establish a strong structure for health and longevity. Proper pruning controls plant size, helps reduce pest problems, encourages flowering and fruiting and removes damaged, crossing and rubbing branches.

But don't wait until the snow falls. Beat the rush and contact Kanavas Landscape Management now to schedule winter pruning for your landscape.

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