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Fall Cleanup

by Melinda Myers

Back to school, cooler temperatures, and mums mean soon we will be dealing with fall leaves and preparing our landscapes for winter. Investing in fall cleanup means an earlier start and more beautiful spring garden next year.

Remove fall leaves that collect under trees and shrubs and on top of the lawn, perennials and groundcovers. The leaves block the sunlight, trap moisture, and increase the risk of disease. They also provide the perfect home for voles that like to nibble on tree and shrub bark over winter.

Keep mowing the lawn as long as it is growing. Fertilize grass in fall to help it recover from summer stress. This fertilization also encourages root growth, helping to build a healthier and more drought tolerant and disease resistant lawn. Fall is also a good time to manage any broadleaf weeds in the lawn.

Later in the season apply a winterizer fertilizer. This last application prepares the lawn for winter and early spring growth.

Cut back and dispose of any diseased or insect-infested perennials. These serve as a source of disease and insect problems for next year’s garden. Decide whether you want to leave disease- and insect-free perennials standing for winter or cut them back now. Many gardeners enjoy the dried leaves, stems and seedheads, along with the birds they attract and housing they provide for many butterflies and beneficial insects. Others like a neat and tidy garden for the winter. The choice is yours.

Even though the leaves are not yet falling it is the time to start planning for fall clean up. Don’t hesitate to include Kanavas in those plans. Their professional staff can take care of this job, allowing you time to enjoy fun fall activities. Plus Kanavas hauls away all the leaves; even less work for you. And once your garden is tucked in for winter, you will be able to sit back and enjoy a warm beverage as you watch the first flakes of snow begin to fall.

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